History of Thai Language Field

           Bachelor of Public Administration Curriculum, Police Administration is a curriculum found by an academic cooperation between Rajabhat Suansunandha University and Royal Police Cadet Academy. The Rajabhat Suansunandha University and Royal Police Cadet Academy signed a mutual academic memorandum of understanding on 27th March 2014 at Chokaew Meeting Room, 5th Floor, 31 Building, Rajabhat Suansunandha University. The Bachelor of Public Administration, Police Administration has the objectives to produce undergraduate students possessing academic knowledge, to be able to work in police administration, having ethics, honesty and professional ethics in conformity with qualification framework for higher education and to be responsible to role and assigned duty by taking common interest of the country in consideration as the most important matter.

          The Bachelor of Public Administration, Police Administration arranged an instruction in the Faculty of Humanity and Social Science, Rajabhat Suansunandha University and started the instruction in academic year of 2014 as the first academic year.