Philosophy Vision Mission


          Honesty, Responsibility Awareness and Service Mind for People  


         Develop learners to possess characteristics and performance in conformity with the requirement of Royal Thai Police and Government Agencies.

         Develop learners to possess an ability to apply skills and knowledge for developing organization.

         Promote for creating cooperation network between education institute, agency in public and private sector in teaching, academic service, research and preserving art and culture.                     


         To produce undergraduate students possessing following characteristics:

         - To have ethics, morality, good personality, public mind and responsibility towards society according to professional ethics.

        - To possess academic wisdom and vocational skills in police administration which have an ability to work and have technique in organization management, human resource management, fiscal and budget management, as well as, planning and project management.

         - To possess ability and skills in using information technology and foreign language for police administration.

         - To possess skills in situation analysis by applying knowledge, reason and discretion with suitability when it is needed to face with several situations.

Special Characteristics

- Appropriate dressing for working.
- Appropriate gesture.
- Create suitable personality with administration and service work
– Saying with polite and appropriate words for communication with persons in all level.
- Possess ability in describing or communicating in administration and service work.
- Possess ability in using foreign language.
- Have public mind in providing service for people
- Understand difference between persons and forgiveness.
- Be proud of your profession.
Other potential
- Seek for knowledge and be observant .
- Make a good decision in urgent problem.
- Have a technique for negotiation and problem-solving.